Internationalen Sparkassen Adler Cup 2019

The Adler Cup is now considered the largest children’s and youth tournament in the world and some call it the unofficial World Cup for children. The team of TSG 1898 Northwest Frankfurt (M) faced major tasks – 43 traveled nations had brought the best athletes between the ages of 7 and 17 to Frankfurt on a beautiful October weekend.

All the more remarkable is the performance shown by the TSGers, who showed their best judo in all age groups over two days.

With the youngest, the U9, it rained on Saturday at the beginning of the tournament: Medals and third place went to Buglem, Taya, Maxim, Taya, Nathan, Erik, Lucas, Julian, Ilias and DonAurelius. Congratulations! Alexander Beck performed even better, winning two of his three fights and winning silver. Great!

With the pressure of last year’s success (double gold, hessenschau had reported) Aaron Keller started in the U9, but with his usual ease; highly concentrated and with varied techniques, he delivered the first gold of the day for the TSG. Everything won – first place! Excellent!

It continued with the U12, where Alessia, Romy, Henrik, Noel and Julius showed nice fights, but could not survive against the international opponents. Also in the U15 Shakira, Lea, Lucia, Philipp, Dustin and Adrian had nothing to oppose that day.

Während es in der U18 für Tobias und Michael weniger gut lief, konnte Tarik mit starken Leistungen überzeugen und insgesamt fünf seiner sechs Kämpfe für sich entscheiden. Die Belohnung war die hart verdiente Bronzemedaille und damit der dritte Platz. Wahnsinn! In dieser Altersklasse eine beachtliche Leistung!

Am Sonntag ging es mit der U11 weiter: Nathan und Noel kämpften tapfer in ihren vollen Doppel-KO Gruppen, aber leider ohne Erfolg, während Romy und Henrik schon gute 7. Plätze erkämpften, Taya sogar den 5. Platz belegen konnte und Alessia mit großartiger Leistung die Bronzemedaille holte und Julius sogar Silber! Super!

For the double, Aaron Keller was still missing gold in the U11, and that was difficult this Sunday. The first fight was a real breaker, but Aaron bit through and won close but deserved in the end. It continued against Great Britain and here too it was not luck, but skill and iron will – which also brought victory in the following semi-finals. The final task from the Czech Republic was really tough, but after 2 minutes and 7 seconds it was clear: Aaron could also win double gold in 2019. What a sensational achievement. Madness!

In the next age group of the day, the U14, Shakira, Emmanuel, Philipp and Dustin went out of their way: but it was too difficult. All the more remarkable that Lea was able to get 7th place and Lucia even made 5th place. Great!

Adrian Keller, who had miserably lost the first fight the day before in the U15 and later dropped out due to the tournament mode, now wanted to know it on Sunday in the U14. His weight class -50 kg was full to the brim and therefore the rule again: a fight lost = almost out. And his brother Aaron had just shown the double for the second year in a row: that obviously spurred additional. And that worked: fight 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – everything that came came, but Adrian stood like a one and brought them all home. And with it gold to Germany, to Frankfurt and Adrian – hat trick for the Keller brothers. What a great performance and what a joy to watch the fights: that was a top mental and athletic performance.

In the last age group, the U17, Tarik and Tobias tried again. Unfortunately, both left prematurely.

In total, there are 18 medals for TSG in the balance sheet and vice team champions of the Adler Cup 2019: great!

The countless helpers, parents and thus “yellow angels” made the tournament possible in the first place and without the great competition support around Sebastian and his team the results would never have been possible. THANK YOU!

So schlossen die Hallen am Sonntagabend, viele glückliche TSG-Kinder schauten sich ihre einzigartigen Medaillen zuhause noch lange an und im nächsten Jahr sehen wir uns alle wieder: auf dem Internationalen Sparkassen Adler Cup 2020. (fke)

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